Lake Mendota and the University of Wisconsin Madison campus in the early morning, as seen from a helicoptor

The School Mental Health Collaborative Postdoctoral Research and Training Program (SMHC-PRT) trains school mental health researchers to be leaders and innovators who will dismantle discriminatory systems and practices while promoting equity and inclusion.

The program is supported by a grant from the Institute for Education Sciences. Training is housed within  SMHC, a research and technical assistance center at the University of Wisconsin (UW)–Madison, which currently houses several federally funded research projects and multiple research–practice partnerships. 

program is to support researchers in acquiring the skills and knowledge required to become highly qualified and independent school mental health researchers.

SMHC-PRT will support fellows in reaching four specific learning goals during the course of the program:

Fellows will attain the methodological skills and knowledge necessary to conduct rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed methods research.

Fellows will also attain skills and knowledge related to implementation science, with particular emphasis hybrid research designs.

Scholars will build their conceptual knowledge in relation to school mental health principles and practices. 

 Scholars will attain skills and knowledge of social justice principles, while enhancing their capacity to ground their research in a social justice framework. 

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