Universal social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) screening is increasingly being recognized as a foundational component of a comprehensive, multi-tiered system of school-based supports. As schools strive to develop a systematic approach to meeting the SEB health of all students, often with limited resources and competing priorities, there is a need for responsive, efficient, and effective systems and data to improve outcomes. Universal SEB screening is one component of such a comprehensive approach and increasingly being adopted by schools and districts across the country. The purpose of this guide is to summarize the current state of research and practice related to universal SEB screening and provide practical and defensible recommendations.

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Natalie Romer, Ph.D. | WestEd

Nathaniel von der Embse, Ph.D. | University of South Florida

Katie Eklund, Ph.D. | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Stephen Kilgus, Ph.D. | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kelly Perales, LCSW | Midwest PBIS Network

Joni Williams Splett, Ph.D. | University of Florida

Shannon Suldo, Ph.D. | University of South Florida

David Wheeler, Ph.D. | Florida Department of Education