The purpose of the School Mental Health Collaborative (SMHC) is to conduct research that informs policy and practice related to the promotion of social-emotional and behavioral success of all students. SMHC scholars generate tools, resources, and guidance that help educators and parents promote the mental health of children and adolescents. 


Access Free Materials for the Resilience Education Program (March 13, 2021)

Project REP is an Institute of Education Sciences (IES)-funded research project supporting the refinement and testing of the Resilience Education Program (REP), a Tier 2 targeted intervention for students exhibiting internalizing concerns. The team has recently hosted a set of free intervention materials, which can be accessed here.

Dr. Eklund Interview on School Mental Health in Wisconsin (March 9, 2020)
The Daily Cardinal interviewed Dr. Katie Eklund, SMHC North Co-Director, on issues related to school mental health service delivery in Wisconsin schools. Specific attention was given to challenges associated with limited funding and shortage of mental health professionals. See the article here.

Release of a Implementation Guide for Universal Screening (November 4, 2019)

We’re excited to co-sponsor the release of “Best Practices in Universal Screening for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes: An Implementation Guide.” Find more information about the guidance document here.



SMHC North

Stephen Kilgus, Ph.D.

Katie Eklund, Ph.D.

Andy Garbacz, Ph.D.

SMHC South

Nathaniel von der Embse, Ph.D., NCSP

Shannon Suldo, Ph.D.

Evan Dart, Ph.D., BCBA-D